Get an expert
for your kit

Get an expert
for your kit

Get our experts to manually check your football shirt for authenticity. Simply upload your photos and information and we’ll verify it within 48 hours.

Manual Check Request

Manual Check


Per Check

Upload your photos and our verification team will digitally check your football shirt for authenticity

  • Photo upload
  • Authenticity explanation
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Accuracy guarantee
What happens when I submit a manual check request?

Upon submission of a manual check request, your photos and information are logged into a catalogue and a notice is issued to our authenticity experts. They in turn will look at your shirt, and provide their opinion based on the evidence you provide. If more information is required, they will contact you via email.

What do the experts look at?

Our authenticity experts will look at everything from the shirt, size and year of manufacture, to the tags, labels and stitching found on the shirt.

What is the authenticity guarantee?

For manual checks only. If our authenticity experts incorrectly classify your shirt as authentic or counterfeit - we will refund your check fee via PayPal. Users who wish to submit a claim should provide evidence of their initial check as well as proof to support their claim of incorrect judgement.

Can I get a refund if your check result is wrong?

Yes, through our authenticity guarantee, we ensure that any incorrect classifications will be refunded to users.

How accurate is a manual check?

We like to think that all of our checks are 95% accurate, but because we never handle the product there is always a margin of error. For this reason we have introduced our authenticity guarantee.