Check your
football shirt
for authenticity

Check your football shirt for authenticity

Use our automated authenticity wizard to check with your kit is real or fake. Or try our manual check from our experts.


Built with guidance from authenticity experts


AI & photo recognition technology in development

  • Photo upload checks (in development)
  • Guaranteed accuracy (in development)

Creating a complete authenticity catalogue

  • Partnering with marketplaces
  • Partnering with brands

to eliminate counterfeiting

We work with marketplaces and online retailers to provide authentication services for football products. Whether it’s manually checking entire catalogues, or integrating or check, our goal is to make the football community safe and secure.

How It Works

Authenticity Wizard


No Limits

Use our automated wizard to check your kit based on features found on your football shirt

  • Unlimited checks
  • Predefined outcomes
  • Photo upload
  • Accuracy guarantee
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Manual Check


Per Check

Upload your photos and our verification team will digitally check your football shirt for authenticity

  • Photo upload
  • Authenticity explanation
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Accuracy guarantee
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How does the authenticity wizard work?

The Fake Kit Check wizard is programmed via algorithm to calculate your responses an issue a percentage score for your shirt. Shirts that score over 80% are classified as authentic, under 20% as counterfeit, and various levels in-between.

How accurate is the authenticity wizard?

Our authenticity wizard has been developed with guidance from authenticity experts and is constantly being updated to reflect the latest standards. While we cannot give a definite accuracy, it is programmed to identify key markings and issues found in fake shirts.

What happens when I submit a manual check request?

Upon submission of a manual check request, your photos and information are logged into a catalogue and a notice is issued to our authenticity experts. They in turn will look at your shirt, and provide their opinion based on the evidence you provide. If more information is required, they will contact you via email.

What is the authenticity guarantee?

For manual checks only. If our authenticity experts incorrectly classify your shirt as authentic or counterfeit - we will refund your check fee via PayPal. Users who wish to submit a claim should provide evidence of their initial check as well as proof to support their claim of incorrect judgement.

Can I get a refund if your check result is wrong?

Yes, through our authenticity guarantee, we ensure that any incorrect classifications will be refunded to users.